How to Make Money With Honeygain App

Making passive income has emerged as the latest craze on everyone’s mind,

whether it be through NFTs, creating ebooks, or online courses. Some

platforms are even enabling people to make extra money with their

unused data, one of which is Honeygain.


In today’s world, using mobile data has become a must. Around 5.03 billion

people use the internet worldwide, which is almost 63 percent of the

world’s population.

As a result, data usage has become a costly commodity. However, you can

make extra money each month by using the Honeygain platform to sell

your unused data.

It is not a get-rich fast scheme; it is a place to start your journey of earning

small amounts of money over a long period. With Honeygain running in the

background, your device will earn you money while you share part of your


What is Honeygain?

Honeygain is a crowdsourcing app that allows you to make money by

sharing your data after downloading it onto your device. It is available for

macOS, Android, or Windows.

For those with unlimited data plans who don’t use it all, the Honeygain app

will be of help to them to make extra cash.

When you allow the Honeygain app to operate in the background of any of

your devices, it shares your data and thus makes you extra money.

How can you make money with Honeygain?


Sharing Your Data

At the level of access to your data you allow, Honeygain will compensate

you for the data they used. You will have always to check your earnings on

the app’s dashboard.

Content Delivery

The use of your internet connection for Content Delivery will be

compensated by Honeygain. The platform works by collaborating with

other users while using your own connection.

When adequate users are available, the platform offers reliable connectivity

for the feasible delivery of large amounts of files, such as photographs and

movies, which take a lot of bandwidths. Although the service is presently

being tested, you can still earn credits if available in your region.

How to set up the Honeygain app

Signing up is the first part to start using the Honeygain app. You will be

rewarded with a $5 gift after registering, which will be shown on your



But that is not all. You will need to install the app on your laptop or phone.

A referral link is already quickly generated for you to share with your

friends and others so you can earn more.

Make sure you download the appropriate application for the operating

system of your device. The options available are Android, Windows, Linux,

and macOS.


Once the app is downloaded, launch it and follow the on-screen directions.

You will need to read and agree to the terms of use.

You will need to log in to access your account after the installation is

finished -which will be done in 2-3 minutes. This will enable your

application and dashboard to sync. The app will need to be active because it

cannot make money when it is not.

With that all set up, you will begin to earn extra cash from Honeygain. You

will need to check your app occasionally to make sure Honeygain is active,

and also to monitor your progress while taking advantage of all the money

you’re earning.

To fully make the most money each month, Honeygain requires you to

use three ips – three different devices.


According to the Honeygain calculator, increasing the daily content delivery

– this is how long you allow Honeygain to run on your device- will only

increase so little of the earnings. However, increasing the daily traffic

shared has a higher chance of increasing your profit, but it will require

more devices to be used.

Why does your Internet speed matter?

According to Honeygain, various companies and data scientists leverage

Honeygain’s network to perform market research and gather significant but

readily accessible information like videos, photos, or texts.

It would be more difficult to do with slow internet because of the vast

amounts of data they need to collect.

However, even with a slow internet connection, you can still earn some

money but won’t earn much.

You’ll need an internet connection with a ping of 50 milliseconds and a

speed of 500 megabits per second.

Why is your location important?

Another crucial element is the quantity of Honeygain app users in your

neighbourhood. Due to the enormous number of concurrent users, larger,

bandwidth-sensitive media like photographs and movies can be delivered

more quickly.


How much to expect from Honeygain?

You can make up to $55 a month while using Honeygain, but it is

contingent on you sharing lots of data. You will need to make a minimum of

$20 to get paid each month. If not, your balance will be carried over to the

following month.

Honeygain works with credits that are converted into money. So for every

10 MB of data you share you’ll earn 3 credits. Therefore, you must save

20,000 credits to receive $20.

You will earn $3 for every 10 GB of data used. Additionally, the business

pays six credits for each hour that Content Delivery is running.

How to get paid?

Once you start making extra cash on the Honeygain app, you will need to

monitor your dashboard until you have reached 20,000 credits which is

$20. Once you have attained that, a “Payout Request” button will appear.

Once you click on “Payout Request”, within one business day, Honeygain’s

partner Tipalti will send you an email.

You will need a Paypal account which you will register on Tipalti. Then

expect your payment within two to three business days.

Why use Honeygain?


If you don’t use all the data, you pay for each month, installing Honeygain

might be completely worthwhile.

There is no commitment to how much data you can use once your account

is activated. You can limit how much-unused traffic you’re willing to sell or

enable. You can also disable the app when needed.

Customers only receive $1 from Honeygain for every 10 GB. As a result, to

get to $20 monthly, you will need to use a lot of your data.

If you can convince enough people to download the app through your

referral link, you could be able to earn more.

Can you control the amount of data you give?

You can choose how many monthly data to allocate when you install

Honeygain on your smartphone. Go to the app’s settings to set the data you

can share. To avoid additional fees, watch out for going overboard with

your monthly plan.

There are no data caps when installing the software on your PC. It will be

preferable to run this on your Android phone if you’re on a metered home

network. You can establish data limitations to prevent overusing your data

connection if you really want to use this on your Windows computer.

Additionally, because the software runs in the background, your phone’s

battery life is reduced by around 5%. You can always turn it off in the

settings if you want to conserve energy.


Is Honeygain legit?

People get suspicious whenever a company offers money in exchange for

data. It’s normal to be scared because so many platform scams have

happened in the past and are still ongoing.

However, Honeygain claims that all they do is legal and done with your

knowledge. However, it’s wise to take nothing at face value when it comes

to security.

By looking at process logs and data usage, you can ensure the software isn’t

abusing your hardware. It doesn’t require system resources to operate.

When you sign up for the service with Honeygain, all they need is your

email. And for payouts, Tipalti, a dependable third party, handles it. Your

data are not at all collected by the app. There are also some reviews of the

app from App Store:


Source: App Store

Source: App Store

As part of their team to ensure safety, Honeygain has an independent Data

Protection Officer (DPO). This enables the app to comply with various

privacy laws and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR),

California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA), and other related laws.

However, Honeygain doesn’t include the businesses that they are

collaborating with. This could be due to its corporate confidentiality.



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