How To Make Money From Shareasale Affiliate Marketing

How to make money from Shareasale affiliate marketing

As of the year 2000, ShareASale was a famous affiliate marketing network that was based in Chicago, Illinois. Affiliate marketing is a way of promoting another product or service to gain commission after sales. When it comes to affiliate marketing, Shareasale is one of the easiest to use, it’s also popular, you just need an audience, time, and content.

If you want to make money with little or no investment, then go for ShareASale affiliate marketing. What matters most in affiliate marketing is trust, there are lots of sites that are nothing but because of the trust created by the owner to the end users, they sell off products and services with ease. Only create content that will capture the buyers, and decide what brand and product to promote with your community.

 Shareasale affiliate marketing.

Shareasale on the other hand is a well-known form of an affiliate marketing program, this company is well-reviewed for good by everyone and to sign up for it is free. The affiliates are open to over 4000 merchants across different markets and niche industries, this will make it very easy to find out what exactly is needed for your website.

The research found that most reviews made about ShareASale are good, it’s very reliable for an online affiliate income, only by filling in the needs of other individuals.

First, let’s understand the terminologies that we get from ShareASale affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketplace: this is a marketplace where new opportunities are discovered

easily by affiliates and they can also join new affiliate programs. Here marketers are

exposed to different affiliate programs and marketers.

Affiliate marketers: this part concerns users joining ShareASale affiliate marketing

promoting the products by blog or other means.

Merchants: they are business owners in charge of setting up affiliate programs, to

ensure other affiliates can join. They also make sure to drive traffic and sales to their

product, to return for a fixed commission for the affiliate marketers.

Affiliate software: just like Shareasale or ClickBank it can be self-hosted, therefore ShareASale is an affiliate software.

 Shareasale affiliate marketing.

How can one get started with Shareasale affiliate marketing?

Remember you sign up for free on Shareasale, once approved then affiliate links can be added.

The Shareasale website made available robust search tools that can help users select merchants by category, commissions per sale and keywords, and also the amount of time with Shareasale. Looking at the top listed merchants one can check to see if they matches their niche, once merchants are clicked on the prices for commission and form of payment will be seen.

Making money from Shareasale affiliate marketing involves 3 merchant marketing models

Pay per sale: a commission will be earned by anyone whom visitors follow their direct link to

any product or webpage and then buy a product.

Pay per click: whenever people click ads on your website your commission is sure.

Pay per lead: once a visitor follows your affiliate link to a merchant lead capture form and then

completes it, you will get paid.

Again after you have selected which merchant you prefer then you have access to their referral link through your Shareasale account, note that all commissions made from the share sale affiliate marketing are paid monthly, though at your convenience you can always log into your account to see the amount of money you made from ShareASale affiliate marketing.

How to successfully make money on Shareasale affiliate marketing

1. Create a bio on your profile: what creates an opportunity for you to meet with other brands or retailers called merchants, you get to tell them everything about you, like what you have to offer and also things you may want big advertisers to see like your website.

The kind of information they would like to see is the statistics of the website i.e. how many followers and individuals visit your website? and also conversions.

Note, that a new blogger with a small audience can also show off great value to advertisers, this happens when the audience is interested in the products, once they are interested in what you offer they can convince an advertiser to work with you.

2. Find products, services, and advertisers to promote: here specific merchant programs that you want to promote are to be applied. On ShareASale affiliate marketing there are over 14,000 advertisers and they offer millions of products to their customers across the world.

The reason for this vast selection is so you can select the best product for you and your audience, Getting the best advertisers for your product is not easy. To choose the best advertisers you have to first check what exactly your audience needs.

3. Promote your chosen products: as you have finally concluded which product to promote and it’s approved by your advertisers, now is the time to promote your chosen product by putting it on social media or your website.

To make money from the Shareasale affiliate marketing make sure that your link is attached to your website, and it can be done through different promotion methods used depending on what you want, ie whether through a banner, coupon feeds from products, and finally custom links. But it’s advisable to go for deep linking and graphics and banners that are promotional.

4. To optimize your work take advantage of the ShareASale affiliate marketing

promotional tools: because its promotional tools will enable you to optimize your earnings and then you work more efficiently. Then it’s advisable to display products that help utilize affiliate links. The part-time affiliates may find it difficult to display products because of a lack of technical know-how, but there is nothing to worry about because Shareasale has taken care of the problem with the newest version of make-a-page. So whether you are a techy affiliate or not then you can display products by building a scrollable gallery or custom table.

Codes needed are provided by Shareasale, all you need to do is copy and paste then your products will be displayed. The Shareasale product showcase is a very interactive widget but is majorly for your sidebar. It’s the widget that showcases products by merchants and keywords.

There is a difference between a product showcase and make-a-page, which is that products that appear on the product showcase are not controlled by anyone, it uses a hands-off approach thereby rotating products automatically based on the merchant’s keywords. This product showcase helps utilize affiliate links and it’s eye-catching.

Shareasale affiliate marketing.

5. Tracking your performance: various reports are offered by Shareasale to help affiliates understand their performances, like how many clicks, sales, and commission per link which helps them to work consistently to improve their affiliate strategy.

Then there is the activity report where all your recent affiliate link activities are seen like the number of clicks, sales, commissions, and the rest. Also, there is the merchant summary report, where key information about the merchant partners is shown.

6. Write a know-how guide, review, or article: writing reviews and tutorials is good for telling people about a product you used and promoting because it helps you earn passive income from your website. Even a screenshot and written content can go a long way, including your affiliate link, so once someone clicks the link it will be recorded on your account.

7. Social media marketing: if you think your audience may be interested in your products then displaying them on different social media platforms will be helpful.

8. Email Marketing: to your email subscribers you can also recommend to them the


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